Welcome to the Nintu crew!

Hey, Alex here!

Welcome to the nintu crew and from the bottom of my heart I want to say a massive thank you for jumping on so early. You’ve committed to supporting a project that is in it’s very early stages and there’s so much more to come!

At this stage, you will receive your confirmation receipt from surecart. If you’re here before October 1st, you’re so early that we have not quite finished up the client portal yet. So here’s what to expect.

  • Between now and October 1st we’re wrapping up the client area.
  • After October 1st we will be opening up the all-access monthly subscription to the public and locking down public download. Only members such as yourself will have access to the copy template buttons.
  • The first major update we will be releasing is the native bricks templates (without Winden/Tailwind). This will happen in the first week of CSS Grid support by bricks.
  • From there we will continue to release 5-10 new components weekly.

Thank you again for the support! I’m looking forward to the Nintu journey with you <3

– Alex (alex@checkout.nintu.io)