#1 fastest ui kit for bricks

Templates built for infinite scalability.

Launch custom sites and landing pages at speed with the easiest, most powerful copy/paste template platform for bricks.

The framework built for performance.


Easy global controls.

With built-in global classes and thousands of utility classes, styling has never been easier. Style each element individually or globally from a central location.

Auto brand sync.

Our templates are setup to sync with your brand. Just specify your brand styles upfront and every template will automatically sync. Even in dark mode!

Built for speed.

Every component has been optimized for both editing accesibility and speed. Never load a single line of CSS that's not critical to the end user.

Components for everything.

Hundreds of pre-optimized components that cover everything from your hero section through to your footer.

Designed by experts with your brand in mind.

Everything build by the nintu team follows strict design rules to make sure our templates continue to look awesome regardless of your brand styles. Once setup just specify your website brand colors and let nintu handle the heavy design conversion. Every color will be updated to match in both light and dark mode

Performance first.

At nintu we care about four things: speed, design, optimization and scale. Our design system is built on these 4 pillars. Be confident that you're using the best-in-class systems to ensure that you're setting yourself up for long term success. Every component is designed to be part of a system and every line of code is as lean as it could possibly be. No 3rd party scripts, no bloated libraries, no unnessesary css. Only templates built within a sustainable ecosystem designed for growth. Don't take our word for it, run a gtmetrix speedtest on our website and see the results for yourself. A complex, dynamic, eCommerce and membership wordpress site filled with high quality images and every possible tracking script consistenly loads un under 1s.

Quality over quantity.

You're tossing up between multiple template libraries and not sure which one to pick, let's narrow it down a little.

If you care more about quanity over quality then Nintu is probably not for you. We have a release schedule of about 5 new components a week that are each carefully planned out. We take design consistency, scalability, responsivity and quality very seriously and only ever publish templates we would use on our own client sites. Each new element must fit into one of our existing design systems and be part of the broader echosystem. Components from the same family will always match to the pixel, every line on every device size has to make sense and be there for a reason.

For that reason we can all confidently build out new projects using these templates without constantly second guessing if things are going to match.

Engage visitors, build lists and drive more sales with beautiful components.

Launch personalized offers, lead capture forms and segmentation surveys to the right visitors at the right time with the easiest, most powerful copy-paste template platform.

Mobile first design

All components and utility classes are built mobile first.

Light & dark mode ready

Every component comes pre-configured for light and dark modes.

Auto brand colors

Copied components automatically sync to your websites brand colors.

Unlimited downloads

Download as many components as you need - there are no limits.

Click to copy

Simply click to copy any component. No more template management.

Premium support

Here for you for any troubleshooting or setup help.

Components for everything

100+ pre-designed templates and we're only just getting started.

Blog templates

Contact templates

Content Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

Content templates

CTA Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

CTA templates

FAQ Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

FAQ templates

Feature Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

Feature templates

Footer Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress v2

Footer templates

Hero Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

Hero templates

Logo Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress v2

Logo templates

Pricing templates

Stats Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress v3

Stats templates

Testimonial Sections - Bricks builder template made with tailwind for wordpress

Testimonial templates

The roadmap

Access all future features.

Figma Templates
New UI Kits
Multi page builder

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact to our customer support team.

What is Nintu?

Nintu is the ultimate website component library with beautifully designed and professionally built components for Bricks Builder and Figma. Build beautiful products faster than ever before with our instant copy + paste system.

What products do you offer?

Nintu provides a subscription that gives you access to our entire component library for both Bricks Builder & Figma. With an All-Access subscription you can easily paste components into your platform of choice.

How does it work?

When you copy components from the Nintu library, these are added to your device clipboard and made readable by your chosen platform. This means you can simply copy and paste your chosen component, tab to your chosen platform and paste it in place.

What are components?

Components are individual elements that make up all of the web products you use everyday. Almost all websites have a footer, navigations, headers and so on. We provide basic wireframe and creative designed versions of these components. This means you have endless layouts and options to deliver various solutions for your customers.

Are templates included in the All-Access membership?

All premium templates are included to our early access LTD members. On a subscription front, premium templates may be sold individually or on a higher membership tier.

Can I use Nintu components to create websites for my clients?

You sure can! Nintu was built specifically to help your business get more clients and build better websites. Get started building for your clients today.

How often are new components added?

New components will be released in batches once a month, with bigger releases coming every now and then. Check back every few days as our team delivers something new. You can also submit requests which get added to our working list.

Does copy/paste work with Safari?

Our copy and paste functionality is not supported with Safari or Firefox. All-Access copy/paste is accessible on Chrome and Edge.

Can we copy unlimited components?

In principal yes.

However, in order to protect our product and prevent misuse, we monitor accounts that have over 150 monthly copies.

Please ensure you understand and acknowlege the below note...
components are created to be used on demand and when needed only. Excessive copying of components is and will be detected by our system, and taken seriously. Misuse of our product through storing/hoarding components externally will result in access being removed and legal action. Please respect us as fellow creators, this service takes thousands of hours to create.

Accounts are limited to a single user. You may not share or distribute your account with others and our system detects this type of usage. In this case we reserve the right to ban you from our service if detected. If you have purchased a yearly account membership, your account can be accessed via an additional IP/user. So you may share this with a team mate.

Components cannot be distributed to others in any form. This refers to the direct transfer of a component, or including a component in a publically accessible format. Please respect our team of fellow creators and help ensure the integrity of our service.

Do you offer a free trial?

Sorry, we don't offer a free trial, but we do offer a number of completely free components and products that you can use without dropping a cent!

Do you offer refunds?

In most cases, we do not offer refunds for digital goods. If our product has not met your expectations for some reason, please contact our friendly team to discuss a solution with you.

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